Wavering Steps – A Story

***Warning: This is a work of fiction.***

 She stood between two gates: the Gate of Youth and the Gate of Wisdom. Childhood and Adulthood. A grand voice boomed overhead her.

“This path comes to a fork, two journeys lay ahead. Which do you choose child? Shall you remain forever young, or journey towards ultimate wisdom and age?”

“I… I don’t know…!” She whispered. Her gaze settled on the Gate of Youth, where she resided until now. Laughter bubbled around, screams of joy echoed, and images of children playing, discovering, and having fun flickered about. The gate’s aura resonated innocence and happiness. No worries, no responsibility, just exploring the unexplored and discovering all that was mysterious. Sadly, beyond the colorful beauty of childhood resided the tears and tantrums, the stubbornness and immaturity, the ignorance… All that was good came with a few flaws. The girl dropped her gaze momentarily and then looked upon the Gate of Wisdom.

In the Gate of Wisdom, she found nothing but stress, anger, addiction, obsession… a darkness lurked beside adulthood. Pollution of the mind, conflicts of beliefs, tasks and threatens looming over everyone. Those who wished to escape the darkness, fell deeper in a darker hole: drugs, alcohol, internet, food… anything to escape the real adulthood. Others longed for youth and fun, however all they flaunted was immaturity, loss of responsibility. Horrified, she took a step back. Unsure of what decision she must make, the girl looked upon both gates, hoping the voice above could advise her. Time was running out.

“Choose quickly, child. The gates are soon to close. A decision must be made.”

Fearing that the time would run out, the girl let her instincts guide her and strode towards the Gate of Youth. Just as she returned to her old path, the gate closed and a loud voice boomed once more:

“The Teenage Era has ended, the child has chosen Youth.”




Sie ma! POOF!


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