Final Tranquility – A Story

***Warning: This is a work of fiction!***

I flopped back down into my office chair, pressured down by the overload of work and everlasting stress from my boss. I knitted my brows as a thousand of new email notifications popped up on my screen. Muttering and swearing under my breath, I mindlessly scrolled through them all, deleting most of them. My thoughts jumped from one problem to the next, thinking of my next payment. My brain craved another dose of caffeine, but by now, I had no motivation to go and get another cup of that bland office coffee. I just sat in my chair, staring at the blinking screen. Why couldn’t I just disappear? Why couldn’t my problems just finally rip me to pieces? I knew that was the whole point of this life. My eyes closed and I drifted off.

I give up.

The office noise died down. Fresh, crisp air replaced the typical stale office air. Behind my eyelids, I sensed some kind of bright light. Warmth spread through every inch of my body. And ever so slowly, I opened my eyes.

I drowned in a wave of golden light. Life burst. Where was I? A dirt road extended from beneath my feet straight to the infitine horizon. On either side, a lush meadow spread. The chirps and tinkling songs of birds greeted my ears from just beyond the the grand tree that accompanied the solitary road. Where was I? I suddenly felt something soft under my feet. I looked down to see a carpet of moss. Young treelings sprouted out around, and forest just beginning to grow. In that moment, I felt a weight lift off my heart. And in exchange, my body was filled with a light energy. A beautiful energy that made me want to fly. What was this feeling? Without thinking, I began running. Running through the rich, calm forest, in between the trees, hopping over the berry bushes. It didn’t matter what this was, where I was… I just knew, this was where I was supposed to be.




Sie ma! POOF!


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