Conversations with the Moon – A Story

***WARNING: This is a work of fiction!***

With one last peek, the little boy checked that his parents finally went to sleep. With all the lights off, the house decided to fall into a deep slumber. In the dead silence, the boy tiptoed over to the window and opened the glass doors of his room to the mystical world of night. Only then did the quiet chirping of crickets greet him, and the delicate twinkling of the innocent stars above danced on his face. The boy patiently waited for his dear old friend to appear, for another tranquil conversation while sipping on moonlight.

Moments passed, and there in the sky he rose. Before the boy’s eyes, his dear friend, Moon, gloriously swam in the sea of midnight, all while a roaring laugh bubbled around him. With a wide smile, the boy greeted him and began his story without haste. Moon settled down, warming up with a fresh cup of moonlight. Every now and then, Moon chuckled at the harmless mishaps of the boy’s day, reminiscing about his own when he was young. After sharing his daily news, the boy wrapped his tiny frame in a blanket and readily awaited Moon’s storytelling. After quickly clearing his throat, Moon commenced his half of the night. The story immersed the two of them in a world of fantasy and imagination. They traveled to far off galaxies, new planets, flying among the stars… an adventure, indeed.

Soon, nighttime came to a closure, and Moon headed off. With a finally sparkling goodbye, he hid behind the horizon as his cousin Sun awoke. Another sleepless night. The boy yawned with all his might and quickly crawled back into bed, in hopes of earning a few minutes of sleep. From that moment, it was simply a countdown to the boy’s next meetup with his dear lunar friend… and yet another night of adventures.




Sie ma! POOF!

Ps. My deepest apologize for the long absence, 2o15 started off very busily for me. No worries, I have returned. 🙂


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