Females = Males: Feminism and Society

Not Males > Females, nor Females > Males

A while back, I caught onto the discussion about feminism again. And I started seeing a lot popping up all over the internet… including (the slightly shocking) FCKH8’s advertisement. Shocking due to the elaborate and colorful language used by young girls. But this video does have a point. It shows the reality of being a woman, at least in the U.S., however, the fashion this information was presented can distort the image of feminism.

I’m a feminist… Now, before you get ahead of yourself, I’m a feminist who want equality of men and women, not female dominance. As do many people around the world. Yet, people still see feminists as women who believe women are superior beings, obviously of higher status than men. Why is that? No, I don’t see the need to exterminate the entire male population. No, I don’t believe men are inferior. I just want women to be equal to men. That’s all. But many believe that that is the entire point of feminism,believing that young girls’ using foul language is far worse than the current inequalities women face every day.

Of course there are the few cases of extreme “feminism”: women who believe that men should not exist, raising young girls to believe that they can only trust women, and going to the extreme to try and prove that (such as running around topless). However, every idea, every concept, every belief is a spectrum. And each spectrum has an extreme end, and feminism is no different from any other views and beliefs.

I’m a feminist. I want to prove to the world that women are just as strong as men, just as worthy and just as great. There is no need for women to settle for less. Women and men are human, equals. That’s how it was, is and will be. Equality for all, that’s feminism.


Sie ma! POOF!


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