Simply a Memory

It will soon be a year, a year since I started a new chapter in my life. That new chapter began with moving to a new land, with new people and a new culture. But by now, I feel like I’ve lived here my entire life.

Isn’t amusing? How time can be perceived differently? On one side, I feel like I’ve always been living here, even though there is a significant gap of memories where the past lies. However, my old home, old life still remains in my mind, but only as a memory. It almost seems like a dream, as if it happened yesterday, but then again as if it never did. I can still remember clearly every detail of my world from that last chapter, but when was that? Instantaneously, I feel as if I’ve been here for a day, a month, a few years, and even decades. It doesn’t feel like a year.




But that’s life. Time seems to warp around us, each experience individually wrapped in a length of time. Some moments will feel like they just happened, others as if an eternity passed since then. But in the end, everything becomes a memory. And those memories will slowly fade with time. Nonetheless, while they are still here, those memories are to be cherished by us, and they surely are.

Sie ma! POOF!


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