A World Fit for Futurists

Futurism: an artistic and social movement that emphasized speed, technology, youth and violence and objects such as the car, the aeroplane and the industrial city. (As defined on Wikipedia.)

Speed, technology, industrial city… doesn’t this ring a bell? Our contemporary world is overflowing with steel, cement, cars, innovative technology. Instead of trees, skyscrapers stand tall and mighty; instead of animals, cars and other means of transportation crowd the streets; instead of books, people are glued to their phones and tablets. Billboards decorate the landscape instead of natural wonders. Is this what futurists really wanted?




The other day, my art history course focused on futurism. About their hatred for the past, about their desire to destroy all of history in order to start anew with the technology and contemporary innovations of the early 20th century. Their interest in speed and vehicles, from bicycles to cars… Their manifesto filled with words of anger and hatred and violence. In art, they often painted the motion of horses, cars, or anything that moved. In literature, evident admiration of technology, speed and industrialization were present.

Though our history remains intact, its presence remains in museums, history courses and the occasional historic sites. That’s the closest death one can get.

Our natural, beautiful world is suffocating under clouds of pollutants, and bleeding all while humans burn its greenery and dig under its skin for treasure and resources.

If futurists still lived in these times, I could easily imagine their joy. Your welcome, futurists… Your dream came true.


Pejzaż Zmotyrozowany by Tomasz Aniśko (Anisko.eu)

Sie ma! POOF!


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