The Art of Being Original

Most people wish they could be original. To be someone that stands out in the crowd. There are millions of places on the internet that you can go to, and voilà a how-to on how to be original. Here’s my question: who in the world can tell you how to be you?




 If there was one person who could tell you who you should be, it would be you and you alone. Of course, others can motivate you and inspire you to discover yourself. But in a world where humanity conforms into a monotone mass, most people are trying to convince you to become another identical part of the crowd. Media and society created a model human being, averaging out all humans into its blandest, most empty form.

Let’s not lose hope yet! There is still a chance to become who you truly are meant to be.

-Find your passions, hobbies, dreams and goals. And live life to the fullest! Who says you have to follow the strict schedule deemed as the one-and-only by others, if you have a passion plan out your day, your future the way you want to! Strive to meet goals and make your dreams come true. Everyone has different dreams and goals, so why not follow your one-of-a-kind dream?

-Go against the flow and rebel! Everyone’s going right? Then go left! Stop worrying what the latest trends are, stop worrying where everyone else is going, do something else. It’s an obvious “trend” to have Facebook and be sucked into technology, right? Then take some time off, leave the phone or tablet at home and go for a walk in nature.

-Express yourself. Through fashion, makeup, etc. In the fashion world, everyone should follow the trends in order to look beautiful, or not. Beauty cannot be defined primarily by what one wears, it’s what’s inside and outside. Everyone is beautiful. Fashion and makeup are a way of self-expression, so don’t fear what the trends say or not, present yourself as yourself.

Sie ma! POOF!


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