Just… Imagine – A Story

***Warning: This is a work of fiction.***

We leaned against the railing, watching the stream trickle by as our ice creams melted in the summer heat. I licked the dripping ice cream as my friend yawned.

“Ugh… it’s so boring here… why can’t we go somewhere else.” He exclaimed, watching his ice cream drip onto his fingers. Rolling my eyes, I turned towards the stream and laughed:

“Boring? You gotta be kidding me. Just… imagine.” I sighed, captivated my the rhythm of the water.

“Imagine what? I can only imagine us dying in this summer heat due to boredom.”

Ignoring his comment, I continued, “Just imagine the golden fish dancing in the stream, glistening in the sparkling light.” I pointed over to the single brown fish swimming past, “Just imagine the bellowing of trees as they enjoy a song of rejoice for life and summer…” I quieted down and looked over to him. My friend didn’t seem amused, examining his ice cream.

“Just imagine your ice cream taking leap and running off, as you take chase after it.” I heard him burst out laughing. He threw his ice cream into the trash can nearby, replying:

“Fine, I give in… Just imagine that squirrel growing horns and wings, and soaring through the air to its devilish master.” He pointed over to the little squirrel hiding among the foliage. I smirked, shooting back a counterattack:

“Just imagine the cotton candy clouds metamorphosing into rainbow pinwheels and hot air balloons.”

“Just imagine your hair blooming with thousands of flowers, becoming a haven for insects and fairies alike!”

“Just imagine the stream freezing up and turning into glass, trapping everything inside it!”

“Just imagine…!”

“Just imagine…!”

“Just imagine!”

“Just imagine!”

And so our game continued into the night, leaving our boredom in the dust. Every time we met up at that railing by the stream, our game would continue as we just imagined the most absurd things. Never again did we catch the boredom disease, not unless we had that magical game with us…




Namaste! POOF!


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