A World Fit for Futurists

Futurism: an artistic and social movement that emphasized speed, technology, youth and violence and objects such as the car, the aeroplane and the industrial city. (As defined on Wikipedia.) Speed, technology, industrial city… doesn’t this ring a bell? Our contemporary world is overflowing with steel, cement, cars, innovative technology. Instead of trees, skyscrapers stand tall and mighty; […]

Females = Males: Feminism and Society

Not Males > Females, nor Females > Males A while back, I caught onto the discussion about feminism again. And I started seeing a lot popping up all over the internet… including (the slightly shocking) FCKH8’s advertisement. Shocking due to the elaborate and colorful language used by young girls. But this video does have a point. […]

Sci-Fi + I

Most of my writing is science fiction (in an alternative universe). My timeline spans from a few years in the future to thousands upon thousands of years in the future. Possibly just like many other sci-fi writers, the idea of the future excites me. Think about it: The past already happened and is already set […]